Flooding at the Presbytery Office in Baton Rouge

(Sharing a repot from our Presbytery Office that was posted on Facebook)

Facebook has been a blessing during this time of crisis, people are able to share information and connect with each other in a way that wasn't possible in our own time of crisis, Katrina in 2005.  Facebook is far superior to web pages for ease if updating, collaboration with multiple sources and real time updates with time and location easily visible.  It is not our intention to create duplicates of info that has already been posted there, but to share with a different audience.  For the  most current information, please follow the links to the original posts.  A Facebook account is not required to view the pages that are linked.

"Over the weekend PDA contacted the Presbytery of Baltimore, the Presbytery of South Louisiana and the Presbytery of Mississippi to offer assistance after reports of flooding. Tom Tucker of the Presbytery of South Louisiana shared this photo with us, it is from the Presbytery office's front door security camera.

PDA is also partnering with WEROC (Washington Emergency Recovery Ongoing Cadre) in New Orleans for immediate response needs. They need teams to help muck out houses, tear down walls, and pull out carpet and cabinets."

**Contact info removed for privacy, please see original post in Facebook or email us at web@fpcno.org.**



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There are about 75 million Reformed/Presbyterian Christians worldwide and about 2.5 million belong to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).


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