Katrina Remembrance Event Potluck Dinner

Join us on Saturday night for a shared commemorative fellowship as we recognize the 10th Anniversary of Katrina and the Levee Failures. 

All are welcome!  This event is open to all whether you lived here before Katrina or not, whether you flooded or not, or whether you mourn what we've lost or celebrate what we've gained.

This event, which was hosted in the years immediately following Katrina, will take place at Dee and Randy Boling's house, which took on 10 feet of water. It will provide a safe space for both tears and laughter. Past events have focused on the resilience of First Presbyterian Church of New Orleans and its members. By being together, we join our individual strengths to form an unbreakable bond that will lift us up in spirit and in love.


Presbyterian Fun Fact

There are about 75 million Reformed/Presbyterian Christians worldwide and about 2.5 million belong to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).


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