Minus One Oak Tree, Thankfully No Injuries and Minor Damage

Early yesterday morning, one of the large oak trees along the Claiborne side of the church collapsed into the playground. We are happy to report that no one was in the area at the time and there were no reported injuries. The building was not touched by the tree collapse. (Praise the Lord!) The fence along Claiborne was only slightly damaged but was taken down further during the tree removal process.

We would like to thank the City of New Orleans Parks and Parkways Department for their immediate response- all traces of the downed tree were removed by 3pm. A few months ago, we reported that the tree had been leaning substantially and it was in the queue to be removed, but, Mother Nature couldn't wait.

We are working with our insurance company and the city's damage claim process to get the matter settled- the sidewalk will need replacing as well as the fence repairs. Once the fence is back up, the the kids from Love Daycare and the church can go back to playing in the yard, albeit with a little less shade.


Presbyterian Fun Fact

There are about 75 million Reformed/Presbyterian Christians worldwide and about 2.5 million belong to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).


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