Pledge Dedication Sunday

This Sunday is pledge dedication Sunday. Last week you received a letter and a pledge card in the mail. Some of you stayed after worship last week for a stewardship lunch, in which Steven Strength shared the 2017 end of year financial report, questions were discussed, and those there each had opportunity to name one thing they have learned through their association with First Presbyterian Church. Those learnings were placed on a display board which will be at church on Sunday. You’ll have a chance to add to the comments if you weren’t here. This is what people wrote:

*purpose yourself to help others

*God loves us


*hope   acceptance   purpose

*patience and reflection of my motives growing deeper as times goes on – what I want and what I am willing to give of my time and money

*strength from one another

*see people as God sees us

*joy is contagious

*the church is the people not the building

*church is more than a religion

*the importance of bearing each others burdens

*sense of community

*program of hope matters

*we are here to help others

*the effectiveness of working together for God

*church is family

*inclusion   tolerance   celebration of diversity

*church is my Jesus people, the people I journey with spiritually

*do not be afraid of change



Please think prayerfully about what you will pledge and how you want to support the ministry of First Presbyterian Church in 2018. Bring your pledge card with you to church on Sunday. We will each bring our pledge forward during the doxology. I’d encourage children to also bring a pledge forward at that time. It might be a financial pledge – no amount is too small to start learning how to give. It could also be a pledge to share kindness with strangers, to clean up a Sunday School room, to welcome visitors to the church, or whatever else they can do to be a part of the church community. I will hand out pledge cards to the children during the children’s time.


Grace and peace,

Pastor Kim


Presbyterian Fun Fact

There are about 75 million Reformed/Presbyterian Christians worldwide and about 2.5 million belong to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).


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