Program of Hope (6 month report)

Hello everyone,
I've completed my 6 month update to let everyone know the number of vouchers given
each month as well as the number of new men and women we see every month.  This
includes January/June, 2013.
                               Vouchers                       Men                     Women                      
January:                        180                            14                           11
February:                      128                            14                            9
March:                          118                            14                            8
April:                             154                            23                          14
May:                              151                           13                           20
June:                              153                           13                           22
               Totals             884                            91                           84
We have given out less vouchers this year; in the same time frame, than last year.  The
reason for this is that each individual has to show a letter from the Salvation Army stating
that they are staying there.  If they do not have this letter, we do not give them vouchers.
The men and women are just the new people that have been seen so far this year.  As you
can see from the total number of vouchers given out, we have seen many more people come
for our help.  Also, the men still seem to out number the women when it comes to the need
for vouchers.
By the end of December, I will try and get the rest of the information to you. 




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