Worship - February 18, 2018 - Sermon: “T” Rev. Ann Philbrick

This Sunday, February 18 after worship there will be a Called Congregational Meeting The session has called a congregational meeting immediately following worship. The purpose of this meeting is to elect a nominating committee. Proposed members of the committee are Sherri Hutton from the session and Dee Boling, Kelly Mallary and David Capasso from the congregation.



As fun as the Christmas and Mardi Gras seasons were, it is good to be back to ordinary time. This week I resume my set hours at a place outside the church building. Sometimes people are more comfortable talking with a pastor outside of the walls of a church. It may be a time for you to drop by or to bring a friend to visit. You don't have to have a particular need to stop by, but it is fine if you do.  It’s a time for conversation on anything from personal matters to church concerns to world peace – or anything else.

Pastor Kim’s walk, coffee & beer hours:

  • Monday, February 19th , 5:30pm                       meet behind the church on S. Prieur St.
  • Wednesday, February 21th, 5-7pm           Oak (8118 Oak Street)

I will be at the church on Wednesday afternoons from 2-4 for anyone who wants to drop by. I'm glad to meet with you at another time, either at the church or somewhere else. Just call 504-866-7409 or email me at kim@fpcno.org to set up a time.



  • 1pm-3pm         Program of Hope Setup        Sanctuary
  • 5:30pm                   Group walk                   meet behind the church on S. Prieur St.


  • 9am         Presbytery of South Louisiana      1st P.C.meeting in Scotlandville, La.
  • 6:30pm           Session meeting                   Room 102


  • 9am-10:30am       Program of Hope              Sanctuary (worship and outreach to less fortunate, all are welcome to volunteer or seek help)
  •  5pm-7pm        Beer and Wine hours            Oak (8118 Oak Street)


  • 6pm-7pm         Meditation Service                Session room


  • 6pm-8pm            Agape Dinner                    Fellowship Hall​

Growing Forward: A First Presbyterian Agape Dinner - Members and friends of First Presbyterian Church of New Orleans are invited to break bread and share the faith with one another at a dinner designed to bring us together to share and encounter our faith, our history, and our future.Come with an open mind. Come eager to connect with your church and fellow parishioners. Come in the spirit of God’s love for us all and in our love for God – the spirit of Agape.  Saturday, February 24, 6 o’clock in the evening, First Presbyterian Fellowship Hall, Adults only. RSVP to kim@fpcno.org


  • 9:30pm           Adult Bible Study                 Session room
  • 11am                  Sunday Worship              Sanctuary
  • 12:30pm      Worship Committee meeting    Sesssion room



Friday, February 16, 2018

Presbyterian Fun Fact

There are about 75 million Reformed/Presbyterian Christians worldwide and about 2.5 million belong to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).


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