Worship - November 5, 2017 - Sermon :“Letting Go” Rev. Kim Rodrigue

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One of my commitments in my weekly work schedule is to have some set hours at a place outside the church building. Sometimes people are more comfortable talking with a pastor outside of the walls of a church. It may be a time for you to drop by or to bring a friend to visit. You don't have to have a particular need to stop by, but it is fine if you do.  It’s a time for conversation on anything from personal matters to church concerns to world peace – or anything else.

Pastor Kim’s walk, coffee & beer hours:

  • Monday, November 6th , 5:30pm                      meet behind the church on S. Prieur St.
  • Tuesday, November 7th, 7 -9am                        Morning Call (City Park)
  • Wednesday, November 8th, 5-7pm                     Oak (8118 Oak Street)

I will be at the church on Wednesday afternoons from 2-4 for anyone who wants to drop by. I'm glad to meet with you at another time, either at the church or someone else. Just call 504-866-7409 or email me at kim@fpcno.org to set up a time.

Sunday School for children & youth begins next week! Our teachers are: Lynn Hyder and Christopher Roberts (youth); Tracy Rene’ Helms-Capasso, Billye Constance and Marjan Aslanberigi (elementary); Magen Dolce and Angela Horn (pre-school). Many thanks to them for their leadership!

The FPCNO adult Bible study Takes place every Sunday morning from 9:30am to 10:30am in the Session room.  Each week we read and discuss the current lesson from "The Present Word" Bible study series (published quarterly by PCUSA). Our Sunday morning gatherings are informal and typically consists of approximately 6 to 8 participants. All are welcome to attend. Coffee and refreshments are served.



  • 1pm-3pm             Program of Hope Setup          Sanctuary
  •  5:30pm                 Kim’s Group walk                meet behind the church on S. Prieur St.


  • 7am-9am                Kim’s coffee hours              Morning Call (City Park)


  • 9am-10:30am            Program of Hope              Sanctuary (worship and outreach to less fortunate, all are welcome to volunteer or seek help)
  • 2pm-4pm                  Kim’s office hours             First Presbyterian Church
  • 5pm-7pm                  Kim’s beer hours              Oak (8118 Oak Street)


  • 6pm-7pm                 Meditation Service             Session room


  • 9:30pm                     Adult Bible Study             Session room
  • 11am                       Sunday Worship               Sanctuary


Friday, November 3, 2017

Presbyterian Fun Fact

There are about 75 million Reformed/Presbyterian Christians worldwide and about 2.5 million belong to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).


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