Great news! A new pastor has been called to FPCNO, arriving in June!

It has been almost a year that we have been without full time pastoral leadership. It has been a good year- we have seen many blessings including new members, new building tenants, a balanced budget. We have had incredible variety and energy on Sunday mornings, hearing from pulpit supply, our own Elders, and members. We remain a strong, resilient congregation. 

As they say, just when you stop looking… a divine twist: the Presbytery knew of a pastor who wanted to relocate to New Orleans and thought she would be a good fit at FPC. A New Orleans native currently living in Tennessee who just happens to be passionate about church transformation. The Session met with her and agreed that this is who and what God has in mind for us. She will serve a our Transitional Pastor for a 3 year full time (temporary) term that could end up being a long-term installed position. 

Let us introduce Reverend Kimberly Rodrigue! A graduate of Union Presbyterian Seminary, Rev. Rodrigue has served as an associate pastor in Nashville, TN, lead pastor in Washington, D. C. and Arlington, VA, and most recently as an interim pastor in Nashville, TN. Other highlights include time at the Ghost Ranch Presbyterian Conference Center and as a hospital chaplain. In her own words, "I thrive in a church that is vibrant, questioning, growing, aware that it is not perfect. This imperfect community of believers and doubters seeks to know God, follow Jesus, uphold one another in struggle and celebration, reach out beyond itself to serve and stand with others. God is love. I believe that, trust that and stake my life on it. Everything else flows from that very basic reality." Anyone who knows First Pres know that this is going to be wonderful new journey for us. Praise the Lord!

Look out for upcoming announcements as we all welcome Reverend Rodrigue and her wife Ann to our FPCNO family.


Presbyterian Fun Fact

There are about 75 million Reformed/Presbyterian Christians worldwide and about 2.5 million belong to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).


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